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Drive innovation with 3D printed PEEK parts for every industry

Rewatch the webinar

Re-watch the Bond3D webinar: “Drive innovation with 3D printed PEEK parts for every industry”. If you have any questions about our company, technology or our printed parts please contact us by filling out the form. 


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We believe that transforming manufacturing is a team effort. Let’s get in touch and discuss how we can help you to replace metal parts with 3D Printed PEEK Polymers.


Marc KunstManager Sales & Business Development
Marc Kunst has a Master in Business Administration and over 15 years experience in Sales & Business Development. Marc is Responsible for introducing Bond3D clients to the world of PEEK 3D printing exploring all different possibilities.
Harmen BoumaApplication Engineer
Harmen Bouma is an Application Engineer who’s previous experience is in tooling design for wind turbine blades and as an analysis-engineer performing FEA’s for various industries. Harmen enables Bond3D’s to create industrial applications and supports the implementation.