We are driving innovation in the field of 3D printing

About Bond3D

Bond3D High Performance 3D Technology BV, operating out of Enschede, the Netherlands, and founded in 2014, is driving innovation in the field of 3D printing. Bond’s patented technology is unique in its ability to produce functional parts from high-performance polymers; polymers that are certified for use in critical applications.

A highly skilled growing team of international professionals develops a novel printing technology, including system mechatronics, software, slicing technolog and process validation. The combination of high-performing polymers and the developed technology targets strategic markets such as medical, aerospace, energy, automotive manufacturing and engineering applications. Bond3D empowers and inspires these markets to push boundaries for novel applications using the shaping capabilities of 3D printing.

Executive board of Bond3D

Gerald Holtvlüwer

Gerald Holtvlüwer


  • Experienced and successful entrepreneur and investor

  • Six years at Bond3D

  • Focus on corporate strategy and general management

HenkJan van der Pol

HenkJan van der Pol


  • Experienced leader in development of complex technology, machines, and production in the tech and semiconductor industries

  • Six years at Bond3D

  • Focus on technology development

The Bond3D Family

  • Rich in origins and ages
  • Though we are diverse in nationality, we all speak the same ‘Bond language’
  • Colourful backgrounds and areas of experience
  • Solving a large and complicated puzzle together

We work in harmony

  • Every voice is heard
  • Equally balanced
  • Encouraged in autonomy


University of Exeter
University of South Carolina