Revolutionary & bondability, the ‘what if we could manage to…’ has changed into a revolution. 

Our breakthrough technology leads the way to future steps in high-performance manufacturing for the following markets.

The combination of technology development programs results in high tensile strength products. Bond technology programs are focused to adapt the printing process to the material instead of manipulating the material to make it printable. As a result, with Bond’s technology the inherent material characteristics are maintained.

with bond technology
Part printed with other technology

“At this time in of our lives, we are making an incredible journey. Every day we have to make choices together about the path that will lead directly to our goal. Sometimes we make a mistake and have to go back to where we were yesterday. But there is no doubt that, in the end, we will reach the top, and that the view will be glorious.”

Gerald Holtvlüwer | CEO Bond

The mission we and our team share


It’s all about the people and you at BOND3D. We are delivering a world class expert team working at BOND. Our team is the optimal mix of highly skilled industrial hi-tech, creative business, engineering, innovation and sustainability people. Due to our magnificent team we can offer you solutions to print High Performance Polymers.