Wafer Holder

A wafer holder, also known as a wafer chuck or wafer stage, is a device used to hold and support a wafer during various manufacturing processes in the semiconductor industry. Wafers are thin slices of silicon or other semiconductor materials that are used as the substrate for the production of microelectronic devices such as integrated circuits (ICs). Wafer holders are used to hold the wafer in place and provide a stable platform for manufacturing processes such as photolithography, deposition, etching, and inspection.

Wafer holders are typically made of materials such as aluminum or stainless steel, and they may have a vacuum or electrostatic chuck to hold the wafer securely in place. The wafer holder may also have temperature control capability to maintain the wafer at a precise temperature during processing.

Wafer holders are an important tool in the semiconductor manufacturing process, as they enable precise and repeatable handling of wafers during the various manufacturing steps. They are used in a variety of manufacturing environments, including cleanrooms, and are essential for ensuring the quality and reliability of semiconductor devices.

Wafer Holder

Custom developed wafer holder that’s chemical resistant. As milling is not an option, this part is 3D Printed with PEEK Polymers to reduce the amount of material and save weight.

  • Chemical resistant
  • Low weight

  • Inline printed

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