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PEEK 3D Printer

At Bond3D, your products are made on in-house developed printers. Developed from the ground up and build by our own assembly engineers. That way we are in full control over our production process.

All knowledge and experience in printing PEEK we have gathered over the years have resulted to our current, revolutionary printer. Preceded by feasibility and functionality models we have now developed the Bond3D Gen3 printer.

This printer has been designed fully segmented and modular. Therefore, we begin assembling a new machine by building and verifying each module.
These modules are merged into segments, which are then fully tested for functionality before the segments are joined into a machine. The last step in each new built is a validation of the printing results. That way we are ensured of consistent perfectly printed peek parts.

In addition to that, our development never stops. Our printers are built with serviceability and being future-proof in mind. We can simply adapt to changing market requirements by swapping existing modules for our latest developments, ready for the next challenging prints!

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Bond3D 3D PEEK Printer

Specifications of the Bond3D PEEK 3D Printer

3D Printing cartridges

  • Multiple cartridges with material rods

  • Possibility to print multiple high performance polymers


  • 3 nozzles

  • Multi-material and soluble support

Build room

  • 400x400x400 mm

  • Heated build room & bed

Process monitoring

  • Remote monitoring

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