Cranial implant (CMF)

A customized cranial implant is a medical device used to repair or replace a damaged portion of the skull. Cranial implants are typically used to treat conditions such as skull fractures, defects resulting from trauma or surgery, or to correct abnormalities in the shape of the skull.

Customized cranial implants are designed to be specifically tailored to the needs of the patient, and are typically made using 3D printing technology. This allows for the creation of implants with precise dimensions and shapes that can be easily implanted into the skull, providing better fit and function than traditional, mass-produced cranial implants.

Customized cranial implants are typically made of a biocompatible material, such as titanium or a polymer, and are designed to be strong and durable, while also being able to withstand the mechanical stresses of the skull. They are typically used in conjunction with other surgical techniques, such as the use of screws or plates, to provide support and stability to the skull following surgery.

Overall, customized cranial implants are an important tool in the treatment of skull injuries and defects, and are increasingly being used in a wide range of medical procedures to restore function and improve the quality of life for patients.

Cranial implant (CMF)

Customized cranial implants can be produced using the Bond3D technology with less waste and faster times.

  • One part production possible
  • Medical-certified material

  • Short lead time

  • Flexural modulus comparable to bone

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