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PEEK High-tech components
for digital printing and life science.

Developments in industries like digital printing, life sciences and optical systems are demanding more integrated, precise and easier to maintain end solutions. Furthermore, the overall level of productivity are key requirements for todays ‘industry 4.0’ driven developments in these industries. High performing polymers, such as PEEK, are a commonly applied material. Wear resistance and strong isolation are typical material properties which are important in this industry.

Bond3D will focus on developing, qualifying and producing 3D printing components serving world leaders in high tech industries. Greatest benefits will come from integrated designs, weight reductions and less body parts. Bond3D is your partner in PEEK High-tech components!

Critical parts made from PEEK

These parts can change your industry

Static mixer

The design freedom is large with 3D-printing. This static mixer uses the design freedom to optimize the mixing capabilities.

Complex structures possible         Strong parts          Design freedom         Function integration

Insulating ring for Bond3D GEN3 machine

The insulating ring of the Bond3D machine has been optimized using a special 3D-infill type to improve the insulating properties.

Unique and complex designs         Reduced costs          Lower material usage         Enhanced insulating properties

Flotation Device

A buoyant part has been designed that actuates based on liquid level. The density and maximum load are optimizable with design.

Pressure resistance         Purity          Chemical resistance          Freedom of design