PEEK 3D Printed parts for the high-tech industry


Integrated, precise and easier to maintain end solutions

PEEK High-tech components
for digital printing and life science.

Developments in industries like digital printing, life sciences and optical systems are demanding more integrated, precise and easier to maintain end solutions. Furthermore, the overall level of productivity are key requirements for todays ‘industry 4.0’ driven developments in these industries. High performing polymers, such as PEEK, are a commonly applied material. Wear resistance and strong isolation are typical material properties which are important in this industry.

Bond3D will focus on developing, qualifying and producing 3D printing components serving world leaders in high tech industries. Greatest benefits will come from integrated designs, weight reductions and less body parts. Bond3D is your partner in PEEK High-tech components!

Critical parts made from PEEK for the high-tech industry

These parts can change your industry

PEEK Static Mixer | Bond3D

Static mixer

The design freedom is large with 3D-printing. This static mixer uses the design freedom to optimize the mixing capabilities.

  • Complex structures possible

  • Strong parts

  • Design freedom

  • Function integration

Insulating ring for Bond3D GEN3 machine | Bond3D

Insulating ring for Bond3D GEN3 machine

The insulating ring of the Bond3D machine has been optimized using a special 3D-infill type to improve the insulating properties.

  • Unique and complex designs

  • Reduced costs

  • Lower material usage

  • Enhanced insulating properties

Flotation Device

Flotation Device

A buoyant part has been designed that actuates based on liquid level. The density and maximum load are optimizable with design.

  • Pressure resistance

  • Purity

  • Chemical resistance

  • Freedom of design

PEEK high-performance polymer is the go-to material for the high-tech industry.

PEEK is a high-performance engineering polymer that is frequently used for seals and bearings in some of the harshest, most aggressive service environments you can imagine. It is ideal for use in the petrochemical sector thanks to these qualities.

Ability to perform at extreme temperatures

PEEK performs well even at very high temperatures. It is perfect for the harsh thermal environments found in oil and gas applications because it maintains its essential properties under continuous service temperatures ranging from cryogenic up to 500°F. It keeps its qualities even after being repeatedly exposed to steam and hot water.

Chemical resistance

Another factor contributing to PEEK’s popularity in the oil and gas sector is its superior chemical resistance, which is on par with PPS. PEEK is unaffected by harsh chemical environments, including exposure to H2S (hydrogen sulfide). Additionally, it is hydrolysis-resistant.

Mechanical strength

The tensile, compressive, and impact strength of PEEK is excellent and can be further enhanced by adding additives like carbon, graphite, and glass fibers. Even in hostile environments, it has a well-deserved reputation for being stiff and strong.

Low water absorption rate

The low rate of water absorption of PEEK adds to its appeal. This characteristic stands out in particular when contrasting PEEK to a material like Nylon: PEEK has an absorption rate that is closer to 0% than nylon, which has an absorption rate of around 6%. PEEK is dimensionally stable as a result, even in very humid or wet environments. This is a crucial characteristic for seals and bearings.

Extremely low CTE

Further increasing its thermal stability is its extremely low CTE (coefficient of thermal expansion). You can rely on it to maintain its shape and dimension, especially in applications where it is subject to sharp temperature changes. Seals and bearings must have a very low CTE, especially in the oil and gas sector.


PEEK is the best when it comes to manufacturing ability. It can be machined, extruded, injection molded, and compressed molded. PEEK can be used for short or long production runs as well as non-standard sizes and dimensions because it lends itself to a variety of manufacturing techniques. The material is unusually simple to fabricate and machine.

Additional Properties

PEEK has the previously mentioned qualities as well as durability and a low wear rate. Additionally, PEEK exhibits very little toxic gas and smoke emission when exposed to flames and has a V-0 flammability rating. PEEK has exceptional thermal conductivity, which enables it to quickly conduct heat away when graphite is added to it. PEEK comes in a variety of grades, including ones designed specifically for bearings.

High Performing Polymers can be utilized in a broad range of markets

Electronics industry | Bond3D


Pressure tight parts for semiconductor production

Energy industy | Bond3D


Make energy generation and storage more efficient.

Medical Industry | Bond3D


3D printed parts certified for the medical market.

Automotive industry | Bond3D


Save on weight and support fuel reduction

Aerospace | Bond3D


3D printed parts certified for the medical market.

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