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At Bond3D, everything is actually new; each day brings new victories –no matter how small – and little breakthroughs and new insights. But also setbacks and complex puzzles that suddenly loom large. Sometimes we take two steps forward, and at other times one step back. At times like these, our ‘bonding’ as a team, our shared passion and resolve are decisive. Fast forward is our only option.

No matter how different our specific area of work, everyone within and outside Bond3D is likewise absolutely convinced that our product is going to change industrial processes. Hence our statement: Manufacturing reinvented.

“Bond is reinventing the way we think about manufacturing. Be it medical, aeronautical, technical, automotive. This is a once-in-a-generation paradigm shift. And a once-in-(y)our-lifetime opportunity. Get on board. Breathe Bondability.”

Thomas Bruggeman