Essentially, she’s trying to predict the future

Employees of Bond3D: Nienke

Meet Nienke Koopmans
Simulation Design Engineer

Nienke is on a mission to predict the future of the prints produced by the cutting-edge 3D printers at Bond3D! Her goal is to determine what will happen during the printing process, and whether the design will deform or shrink, crucial information for creating top-quality objects. Nienke started as an intern at Bond3D, but with her skills and dedication, she’s now an integral part of the software team.

Harmen Bouma | Application Development Engineer

From graduation to employee

I pursued a Mechanical Engineering degree, with a focus on simulations and understanding how objects deform during printing. I was faced with a choice after graduation – take a different job opportunity or continue my passion at Bond3D. I chose the latter, and now I collaborate with my colleague to push the boundaries of 3D printing. They tackle the software side of things, while I delve into physical testing.

Harmen Bouma | Application Development Engineer


Every day at Bond3D is an adventure! My work involves a lot of trial and error – I print, test, analyze, make adjustments, and repeat the process. It’s exhilarating to work on something that’s never been done before! The team at Bond3D is a dynamic group of individuals with diverse expertise and personalities. We’re all learning and growing together, and there’s always someone to turn to, whether you’re stuck with a technical challenge or need support on a personal level.

Bond3D is a diverse company

The future is bright for my team at Bond3D! We’re taking on even more exciting projects, printing larger objects, and facing new challenges as we tackle larger shrinkage. But with our combined skills and determination, we’re ready for anything. The simulation aspect of our work will become even more important, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds!

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Bond3D, operating out of Enschede, the Netherlands, and founded in 2014, is driving innovation in the field of 3D printing. Bond’s patented technology is unique in its ability to produce functional parts from high-performance polymers.

A highly skilled growing team of international professionals develops a novel printing technology, including system mechatronics, software, slicing technolog and process validation.