3D Printed PEEK parts and components for the electronics & semiconductor industry

3D printed PEEK parts are a top solution for the electronics and semiconductor market due to their exceptional properties of high temperature resistance, chemical stability, and excellent mechanical strength. These properties make PEEK parts ideal for use in harsh operating environments, where they can withstand extreme temperatures and corrosive chemicals. Additionally, the 3D printing technology enables the production of complex and custom-designed parts that are impossible to achieve through traditional manufacturing methods, providing electronics and semiconductor companies with more design freedom and flexibility. With its combination of technical performance and manufacturing versatility, 3D printed PEEK is an optimal solution for the demanding requirements of the electronics and semiconductor industry.

Discover our critical parts made from PEEK for every industry

Electronics industry


Pressure tight parts for semiconductor production

Energy market


Make energy generation and storage more efficient.

High-tech industry

High-tech industry

Integrated, precise and easy maintain end solutions

Medical industry


3D printed parts certified for the medical market.

Aerospace industry


Weight reduction parts for the aerospace industry

Automotive industry


Save on weight and support fuel reduction