Weight reduction parts for the aerospace industry


PEEK Aerospace products
An alternative to metal.

In the ever-increasing demand for mobility the aviation industry grows significantly. Key innovations within this industry relate to weight reductions resulting in a direct contribution for fuel efficiency. High performing polymers, such as PEEK, contribute to this goal by replacing metals. In average PEEK is 70% lighter then comparable metal parts.

Within this trend 3D printing is a contribution to the opportunity of realizing new products in every stage of the design- or life-cycle. Solutions can be found in a wide range of applications such as cabin interior parts, seating components or structural parts. PEEK aerospace products from Bond3D printing technology will help the aerospace industry to not settle for metal.

Critical parts made from PEEK

These parts can change your industry

Amphenol PCD cable clamp

Amphenol PCD has asked Bond3D to develop the P75D clamp for additive manufacturing. Various sizes and design iterations can be quickly made without high setup costs.

Complex structures possible         Low weight          High strength          Function integration

Compliant mechanisms

“Less is more”- using additive manufacturing, assemblies can be reduced to one integrated part.

Complex structures possible         Low weight          High strength          Function integration