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PEEK High performance polymers
contribute to a more energy efficient automotive industry

High performance polymers will play a role contributing to a cleaner, safer and more energy efficient automotive industry. Weight reduction saves on fuel consumption. Furthermore, tribological performance of materials such as PEEK assists in making powertrains operate more efficiently.

For Bond3D’ technology part complexity, smaller lot sizes during development, or even spare part production are significant opportunities within the automotive industry. These opportunities are recognized across the entire market spectrum starting from racing cars to applications for commodity electric vehicles.

Critical parts for the automotive industry made from PEEK

These parts can change your industry

Tube for EV Battery cooling

Tube for EV Battery cooling

Optimizing battery systems using less parts and leak-tight PEEK cooling tubes.

  • Leak-tight manufacturing
  • Reduce parts
  • Low weight
  • Flow optimization

Bracket for high-voltage motor cables

Bracket for high-voltage motor cables

Isolating the phase cables from a 700V electric motor to the inverter. 3d-printing allows our customer to make last-minute changes in the prototype phase.

  • Electrical isolation

  • Short lead time

  • Digital stock

  • Flow optimization

High Performance Material Solutions requirements for the automotive industry

The automotive industry is driven by environmental and safety regulations, as well as a persistent focus on reducing production costs and raising efficiency and longevity to support extended warranties.

Consumer demands include greater fuel efficiency, more pleasant driving, and less regular maintenance without a performance hit.

In the automobile industry, component miniaturization and functional integration are being driven by the need to reduce vehicle weight, which is motivated by the need for better gas mileage and fewer CO2 emissions. OEMs are looking for innovative materials that have low weight and high specific strength in order to create cost-effective component solutions with increased effectiveness and performance.

Thinner-walled components made of high performance thermoplastics can be produced in order to meet the rising need for highly dependable smaller components made from lighter materials that demonstrate superior strength, superb flow characteristics, and resist a wider temperature range. A single injection-molded thermoplastic component made from complex metal components can also reduce total costs.

In addition, current industry standards call for materials that can operate at up to 150°C depending on the application, as opposed to earlier standards that called for temperatures between 100 and 120°C. For instance, OEMs are looking for materials that can withstand temperatures of up to 220°C in turbocharger parts and up to 180°C in the lower portions of steering columns. Metals or traditional plastics might not be the practical solution for applications in such harsh conditions, where even light alloys show a reduction in mechanical strength at temperatures of over 200°C, given these criteria as well as other automotive industry drivers.

High Performance Polymers (PEEK) from Victrex for the automotive industry

Polyaryletherketones (PAEK), such as VICTREX PEEK polymers, are high performance thermoplastics that exhibit consistent mechanical properties up to 250°C. Victrex Polymer Solutions is a division of Victrex plc.

A recent study found that VICTREX PEEK plastics can maintain their stiffness, impact resistance, and tensile strength even after 5000 hours of operation. Traditional materials, including nylon 4.6 and heat-stabilized polyamide, suffered up to 50% property losses in these circumstances. Victrex thermoplastic polymers have a glass transition temperature range of 143-162°C and a melting temperature range of 343-387°C, which allows them to function better in the harshest situations.

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