PEEK High-performance polymers for the Energy Industry


How we make energy generation and storage more efficient.


PEEK parts for the energy industry.
Optimized for safety and manufacturing costs

There is an overall requirement to help the energy generation and energy storage to become more efficient, safe and productive. New demands occur as energy generation is shifting from traditional oil & gas towards sustainable energy sources.

The combination of high performing polymers and BOND3D patented printing technology offer customers in this field a unique opportunity to optimize their parts’ performance in terms of safety, reliability and manufacturing costs.

Critical parts made from PEEK for the energy industry

These parts can change your industry

  • Oil pump casing

    3d-printing PEEK opens up new possibilities for the Energy market. With our technology we can produce pump housings that are flow-optimized so no residue sticks in the channels due to the PEEK material.

    • Leak-tight manufacturing
    • Chemical resistance

    • Optimize flow

    • Metal replacement

    • Digital stock & short time-to-market

  • Labyrinth seal

    3D-printing makes it possible to print seals near-shape and finish the product to tolerances using conventional machining methods.

    • Chemical resistant
    • Minimale waste (no billet)

    • Digital stock & short TTM

    • Voidless printing

  • Back-up ring

    On-demand manufacturing allows a diverse amount of sizes te be manufactured in a short timeframe, to minimize downtime.

    • Chemical resistant
    • Minimale waste (no billet)

    • Digital stock & short TTM

    • Voidless printing

Why are PEEK polymers ideal for the energy industry?

Some of the most challenging situations exist in the oil and gas sector. To deliver the performance and dependability required, special materials are needed. PEEK is one of the materials that performs admirably, so please take a closer look at some of the diverse uses for PEEK in the oil and gas industry.

Additionally, logging equipment, surface pumps, submersible pumps, and reciprocating compressors all contain PEEK components. As an illustration, PEEK would be used for the piston rings, motor end plates, rider bands, and rod packing in reciprocating compressors. Labyrinth seals made of PEEK are also frequently used, as was previously mentioned.

PEEK is also utilized in cables, wireline, wire, and tubes. Another common use for PEEK is in insulating components. It is also very effective for electrical connectors in down holes.

The choice of PEEK for so many petrochemical applications is justified (even deepwater drilling and unconventional oil and gas operations). PEEK is extremely resistant to chemicals. One of the few polymers that can withstand exposure to environments with sour gas is this one. Both its specific stiffness and strength are extremely high. This means that components lighter than steel or titanium can still achieve excellent strength and stiffness.

Furthermore, PEEK itself has negligible adverse effects on the environment. This covers its development, use, and disposal at the end of its useful life. You can solve many of the issues faced in the oil and gas industry by combining low friction, extreme temperature performance, and excellent wear properties.

High Performing Polymers can be utilized in a broad range of markets



Pressure tight parts for semiconductor production

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3D printed parts certified for the medical market.

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3D printed parts certified for the medical market.



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