Reduce material cost and carbon footprint with 3D printed PEEK oil pump parts

Voidless printing of high-performance polymers yields products with high isotropic strength. The PEEK printing process developed by Bond3D, a subsidiary of the world-leading high-performance polymer specialist Victrex, lends itself to numerous product designs for demanding markets such as Energy. This is demonstrated by the oil pump casing assembled from PEEK-printed parts.

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Our additive manufacturing (AM) process adds freeform design benefits to the PEEK qualities that the energy market has been exploiting for a long time, such as superior mechanical properties and chemical resistivity. In addition, manufacturing and maintenance costs can be reduced when products made from conventionally used high-end materials such as Super Duplex are replaced by voidless, high-isotropic-strength PEEK parts as printed by Bond3D.

Key highlights

  • How PEEK is the perfect alternative for Super Duplex Steel

  • How we created a proof of concept with PEEK polymers

  • How we optimized our 3D printed parts and will continue to improve them

Contributors to the whitepaper

Harmen Bouma
Sr. Application Engineer Energy
Marc Kunst
Manager Sales & Business development