Learn how to replace metal parts with PEEK Polymers

Learn how to replace metal parts with PEEK Polymers

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Summary of the webinar

Title: Learn how to replace metal parts with 3D printed functional PEEK Polymer parts

Date: Thursday, June 2nd, 13:00 CEST

Duration: 1,5 hours

Fee: Free

As many industries become increasingly aware of the benefits of metal-to-plastic conversion, 3D-printing is quickly becoming the method of choice for part manufacturing. 3D printed PEEK Polymer parts offer several universal benefits over metal, including:

  • Reduced part weight
  • Reduced manufacturing costs
  • Superior design flexibility
  • Higher tensile strength than many types of metal
  • Easy adherence to various regulatory compliances
  • Repeatable, predictable manufacturing

Besides reducing weight and improving overall part strength and corrosion resistance, metal-to-plastic conversion also allows for the consolidation of multiple metal parts into a single plastic part due to 3D-printing.

During this webinar we will guide you to the process of how to replace your metal parts with PEEK Polymers.

Topics of the webinar

  • Overview of options to 3D print functional PEEK and PAEK parts
  • How to leverage the Bond3D technology for your parts
  • Learn about the benefits of 3D printed PEEK
  • Which applications are best suited for 3D printing with PEEK
  • Examples

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HenkJan van der Pol | Bond3D
HenkJan van der PolChief Technology Officer at Bond3D
HenkJan van der Pol has a Master in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Twente. He has his focus on technology development, is responsible for the technology roadmap, intellectual property protection and management within Bond3D and has his current position at Bond3D since February 2016. He has more than 25 years’ experience in development of complex technology, machines, and production in the tech and semiconductor industries.
Marc Kunst | Bond3D
Marc KunstManager Sales & Business Development
Marc Kunst has a Master in Business Administration and over 15 years experience in Sales & Business Development. Marc is Responsible for introducing Bond3D clients to the world of PEEK 3D printing exploring all different possibilities.