Visit of State Secretary Mona Keijzer to Bond High Performance 3D Technology.

At September 28th 2020 State Secretary Mona Keijzer visited Bond High Performance 3D Technology at Kennispark Twente. This in response to a call of the 10 largest science parks and innovation campuses in the Netherlands to invest in the physical aspect of innovation: prime locations where research and companies literally meet.

Medical technology is the growth brilliant of the Twente and Overijssel economy. To continue to grow, it is necessary to invest in facilities, capital and development. State Secretary Mona Keijzer received that message during her visit to the Kennispark innovation campus in Enschede.

During the visit of Mona Keijzer to Bond3D, Thomas Bruggeman told about the medical applications of PEEK that Bond3D is developing with its 3Dprint FDM technology

Photography Geert Cox