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Labyrinth seal

A labyrinth seal is a type of mechanical seal that is used to prevent the leakage of fluids or gases from a stationary or rotating shaft. It consists of a series of grooves or channels that are machined into a stationary component, such as a casing or housing, and a rotating component, such as a shaft or spindle.

The labyrinth seal works by creating a series of barriers or “labyrinths” that the fluid or gas must pass through in order to escape. As the rotating component turns, the fluid or gas is forced through the labyrinths, causing it to lose energy and become stagnant. This helps to prevent the leakage of the fluid or gas from the seal.

Labyrinth seals are commonly used in a variety of applications, including pumps, compressors, and motors. They are often used in high-pressure or high-temperature environments, and are able to handle fluids and gases with a wide range of viscosities and densities.

Labyrinth seals are relatively simple and inexpensive to manufacture, and they require minimal maintenance. They are also able to handle high rotational speeds and are resistant to wear and tear. However, they are not as effective at preventing leakage as some other types of seals, such as contact seals or face seals.

Labyrinth seal

3D-printing makes it possible to print seals near-shape and finish the product to tolerances using conventional machining methods.

  • Chemical resistant
  • Minimale waste (no billet)

  • Digital stock & short TTM

  • Voidless printing

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