Meet our new program manager:
Tim Gorter

“In light of the dynamic nature of BOND3D as an organization, I am enthusiastic about the prospect of contributing to its growth”

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Tim Gorter to the position of Program Manager at Bond3D. Tim Gorter holds a degree in Industrial Design Engineering from the University of Twente and has completed a doctoral program focusing on the performance simulation of electric-powered boats equipped with photovoltaic systems.

Tim’s professional background is both extensive and diverse. He has served in a multitude of roles as a Researcher, Associate Professor at a University of Applied Sciences, Manager of Public-Private Partnerships, and Managing Director. Notably, part of his tenure as Managing Director was spent in Singapore, where he functioned as an expatriate. Furthermore, he has experience as a Product Manager, overseeing the entire lifecycle of product development from inception to market introduction.

Responsibilities at Bond3D

In his capacity as Program Manager at Bond3D, Tim will be principally responsible for the Project Management of key customer initiatives. One of his primary objectives will be to spearhead advancements in our capabilities for 3D printing components intended for use as medical implants. The ultimate aim of this initiative is to secure approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), thereby enabling these components to be commercially sold and implanted in patients.

Additionally, Tim will oversee projects designed to enhance our capabilities in 3D printing functional components for the semiconductor industry. These projects will transition from the research and development phase to series production, adhering to the stringent quality standards that are requisite in the semiconductor sector.

Tim will also undertake responsibilities in the areas of business development and sales, with a particular focus on the medical and semiconductor industries.

A glimpse into the future

Looking forward, Tim anticipates that Bond3D will soon have the capability to produce FDA-approved components, signifying the establishment of robust and compliant production processes. He also foresees the semiconductor projects culminating in the delivery of components that meet the rigorous quality standards of the industry.

“In light of the dynamic nature of BOND3D as an organization, I am enthusiastic about the prospect of contributing to its growth,” states Tim. “I intend to leverage the knowledge and expertise I have amassed over the years to facilitate the company in achieving new milestones.”

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