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About Bond3D

Bond High Performance 3D Technology BV has invented and developed a revolutionary printing technology for industrial additive manufacturing. The company was founded as a limited liability company based in the Netherlands in December 2014. The founders of Bond are firmly rooted in innovation and technology.

We work with a team of 53 people. Our team is a mix of industrial hi-tech, creative business, engineering, innovation and sustainability. The proof is in our innovative patented technology.

Just like we have patented our discoveries, ideas, our technology, developments with regard to high-performance 3D printing, we have also registered the “domain Bondability” as our inalienable property.

Bondability is much more than a newly coined word that sounds good.


Download Mediakit (zip 1Mb)

Our movie

The Bond3D Family:

  • Rich in origins and ages
  • Though we are diverse in nationality, we all speak the same ‘Bond language’
  • Colourful backgrounds and areas of experience
  • Solving a large and complicated puzzle together

We work in harmony:

  • Every voice is heard
  • Equally balanced
  • Encouraged in autonomy

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