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Realise the potential to 3D printed functional PEEK parts

Summary of the webinar

  • Realise the potential to 3D printed functional PEEK parts

  • 1 hour presentation with networking opportunites

  • Free registration

Looking to 3D print functional PEEK Parts? In this free webinar session with HenkJan van der Pol we reveal a viable route to 3D print, strong isotropic parts from existing VICTREX PEEK grades which contribute to maximising performance of components.

During this webinar we will give you an introduction about PEEK, introduce you to our technology and give you examples of the possibilities. 

This webinar is created in collaboration with Victrex. 


  • Information about Victrex PEEK
  • Introduction to the Bond3D printing technology
  • Application examples 

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HenkJan van der Pol | Bond3D
HenkJan van der PolChief Technology Officer at Bond3D
HenkJan van der Pol has a Master in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Twente. He has his focus on technology development, is responsible for the technology roadmap, intellectual property protection and management within Bond3D and has his current position at Bond3D since February 2016. He has more than 25 years’ experience in development of complex technology, machines, and production in the tech and semiconductor industries.
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