3D printing High Performance Polymers for the Semiconductor industry

PEEK is a well accepted solution in Semiconductor industry for the most demanding environments. We combine the benefits of PEEK as a high performance polymer, with the freedom of design and advantages of 3D printing. We are more than willing to explain what our technology has to offer you.

3D Printing

Oana Ghita Professor in Materials and Manufacturing

Discover how others successfully make use of Bond3D

Bond3D is one of the few companies in the AM extrusion deposition area that approached the development of their unique system in a systematic, rigorous, and scientific way. It is a pleasure to work with the Bond3D team and strengthen their insights into the process and material. The quality and accuracy of their process and parts is unique and stands out from all other AM technologies.

The advantages of 3D printing High Performance Polymers

Use the advantages of 3D printing High Performance Polymers and overcome the restrictions of conventional techniques which allow to optimize your design and Cost of Goods even further.

Examples of Bond3D in practice

Bond3D technology offers printed PEEK with the strength of virgin material. Due to our technique we can optimize designs, integrate functions into a single part and create chemical resistant and leak tight solutions that can be used in ultra high vacuum. PEEK can be used as a substitute for other high performance polymers and replace titanium or aluminum in several applications for enhanced performance and lower weight. Apart from printing PEEK, Bond3D can print many other High Performance Polymers with similar benefits.


  • High-performance polymers such as PEEK are difficult to print; it is hard to ensure that the properties of printed parts approach those of bulk material. Bond High Performance 3D Technology, however, has succeeded in developing a unique 3D-printing technology – including system mechatronics, software, slicing technology and process validation – for producing high-endfunctional parts from PEEK
  • Bond 3D’s patented technology is capable of printing complex, functional parts made of PEEK with excellent mechanical properties, including in the z-direction. This enables the additive manufacturing of high-strength,isotropic parts with properties comparable to those of conventionally moulded or machined PEEK parts, while allowing for freedom in design and complex structures that are not possible using conventional techniques.
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3D Printing