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Static mixer

A static mixer is a type of mixing device that consists of a series of stationary mixing elements or blades, typically arranged in a cylindrical or rectangular configuration, that are used to mix fluids or gases without the use of moving parts. Static mixers are commonly used in a variety of industrial and laboratory applications, including chemical processing, pharmaceutical manufacturing, food processing, and environmental monitoring.

The mixing elements of a static mixer are designed to create turbulent flow and promote the mixing of fluids or gases as they pass through the device. The geometry and arrangement of the mixing elements can be customized to achieve specific mixing objectives, such as homogenization, dispersion, or emulsification.

Static mixers can be used to mix fluids or gases with a wide range of viscosities, densities, and flow rates, and they are often used in applications where other types of mixing equipment, such as mechanical agitators or impellers, are not practical or effective. They are also commonly used in systems with limited space or where maintenance of moving parts is difficult.

There are many different types of static mixers available, including spiral-ribbon mixers, cross-flow mixers, and helical mixers, and they can be made from a variety of materials, including plastics, metals, and ceramics, to suit the specific requirements of the application.

Static mixer

The design freedom is large with 3D-printing. This static mixer uses the design freedom to optimize the mixing capabilities.

  • Complex structures possible
  • Strong parts

  • Design freedom

  • Function integration

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