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Perfectly Printed PEEK Products at MECSPE 2023

MECSPE 2023: The international reference fair for the manufacturing industry. With a program developed on the three thematic strands inspired by the pillars for growth in a 4.0 key, training, digitisation and sustainability, the path inside the 13 synergistic halls of MECSPE will be an important opportunity for visitors and exhibitors to learn about the main technological innovations in the in the field of industrial processes, both in the exhibition areas and in the demonstration areas.

Bond3D will attend the event as an exhibitor to discuss your challenges to create Perfectly Printed Peek Products.

Where to find us?

Increase your knowledge of 3D Printing with high-performance polymers! Visit our booth in PAD 36 – Stand A65 and learn all about our technology, 3D printed PEEK parts and examples for the semiconductor, medical and energy industry.

Where to find Bond3D at MECSPE
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How PEEK parts can change your industry

Learn what our 3D Printed products can do for you



Pressure tight parts for semiconductor production



Make energy generation and storage more efficient.

High-tech industry


Integrated, precise and easy maintain end solutions



3D printed parts certified for the medical market.



Weight reduction parts for the aerospace industry



Save on weight and support fuel reduction

Critical parts made from PEEK

These parts can change your industry

Cooling Manifold

Cooling Manifold

Cooling fluid is distributed by this flow-optimized manifold, simultaneously saving weight and enhancing production output.

  • Leak-tight manufacturing
  • Reduce parts
  • Low weight
  • Optimized flow
Floatation device

Floatation device

A buoyant part has been designed that actuates based on liquid level. The density and maximum load are optimizable with design.

  • Pressure resistance
  • Purity
  • Chemical resistance 

  • Freedom of design
Insulating ring for Bond3D GEN3 machine

Insulating ring for Bond3D GEN3 machine

The insulating ring of the Bond3D machine has been optimized using a special 3D-infill type to improve the insulating properties.

  • Unique and complex designs

  • Reduced costs

  • Lower material usage
  • Enhanced insulating properties
Static mixer

Static mixer

The design freedom is large with 3D-printing. This static mixer uses the design freedom to optimize the mixing capabilities.

  • Complex structures possible
  • Strong parts
  • Design freedom
  • Function integration

About Bond3D

Bond3D High-Performance 3D technologies BV operates out of Enschede, the Netherlands. Since 2014 we have always been at the forefront of industrial 3D printing. Our patented technology is unique in its ability to produce functional parts from high-performance polymers that are certified for use in critical applications.

At Bond3D, we develop our unique printing technology completely in-house, including system mechatronics, software, slicing technology, and process validation. We change the conversation on engineering in medical, aerospace, energy, automotive, manufacturing, and engineering applications.

About Bond3D
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