Pressure tight parts for semiconductor production


Pressure tight
for semiconductor

Significant trends as mobile computing, internet-of-things and autonomous driving are pushing the electronics market, production of small volume high performance machine parts for manufacturing industry such as the semiconductor, to significant growth levels. Industries providing the infrastructure for this demand are challenging ‘Moore’s law’ on a daily basis. Within this challenge performing materials such as PEEK are often recognized as a valuable material enabling new solutions.

Bond3D allows players in this field to work with 3D printed performing solutions of high performing plastics. Bond3D has experience in the electronic industry and understands the requirements of parts operating specifically in high vacuum environments.

Critical parts made from PEEK

These parts can change your industry

Cooling Manifold

Cooling fluid is distributed by this flow-optimized manifold, simultaneously saving weight and enhancing production output.

Leak-tight manufacturing         Reduce parts         Low weight          Optimized flow


8 times lighter than original
Leak tight
Certified 450G PEEK
Less heat absorption by manifold
Improved flow
Chemical resistance to most chemicals
Operating temperature up to 250°C


Higher machine output
Robust AM polymer solution
Engineer with a known material
Better performance
Less turbulance, residue, dead water
High service time
Wider usage

Manifold for semiconductor

The semiconductor industry uses a variety of fluid manifolds, which are perfect for the Bond3D leak-tight technology and PEEK material.

Leak-tight manufacturing         Reduce parts         Low weight          Optimized flow

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